Analysts creating solutions for analysts

Since 2003, EFA Platform has been providing  software services to the investment research industry using its state-of-the-art financial modelling engine. EFA Platform integrates with other best of breed investment research platforms like Single Track, Blue Matrix and Evalueserve.

Our aim is to satisfy your financial data needs with minimal inconvenience and expense.

EFA’s strength lies in the fact that it teams financial analysts who have a deep and thorough understanding of IT, with management expertise in business and financial markets. This combination provides the formula for the creation of products and solutions that put it at the forefront of the industry today.

We are a diverse team, which allows us to stay close to our customers and constantly adapt products to meet changing market needs.

— Robin Hammond, CEO and Lead Architect


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Our Leadership

Simon Rudolph

Non-Executive Chairman

Simon first invested in EFA back in 2011 and joined in the board in 2023 as a non-executive director.  Simon has had an illustrious career in the finance industry so brings wealth of experience to the board. After qualifying as a Charter Accountant with Coopers & Lybrand he joined UBS and then Morgan Stanley as a sell-side insurance analyst. In 2007, he transferred to the buyside with with Algebra Capital in Dubai for 5. He then spent 18 years as Franklin Templeton in Fort Lauderdale followed by Hong Kong where he managed the Templeton Global portfolio before “retiring” in 2014. His first non-executive director role was with Giordano International, a fashion brand listed on the HK Stock Exchange, for 3 years. In addition to EFA, he is the Chairman of Three Bulls Capital and a non-executive director of Charisma Energy Services.

Iain Reed

Founder + CFO

Iain took the red pill in 1988 when we was a still an undergrad in the UK. He landed in Jakarta, Indonesia and spent 4 years running a buying agency there. Unable to scale the business, and after two failed co-founders, he was looking for a proper job so went back to the matrix for 10 years as an investment analyst for Barclays De Zoete & Wedd, Société Générale, and CLSA where he worked on GEMiner (now Evaluator) landing in Hong Kong. In 2003, he founded EFA and worked as Managing Director for 10 years before stepping back to become Non-executive Chairman + CFO for 10 years to focus on angel investing and not-for-profit activities. In 2023, he came back involved in an executive role. In addition to EFA, he is a co-founder of Learnovate.ai, NeemLondon.com and EFADRIN.com. He is the Chair of the Angel Committee of the British Chamber of Commerce.

Justin Hobday

Non-Executive Director

Justin has 25 over year’s experience in the financial technology industry. His journey started with ICV before moving to Royal Blue working on the Fidessa product in the UK, then Japan for 10 years. In By the time he had left Fidessa he was COO Equities and CTO  and then back in the UK eventually rising to CTO.  he left Fisessa in 2022 and is now running technology in Europe for Broad

Alex Fung

Lead Business Analyst

Robin has 14 years of equity research experience, having held positions as a highly ranked writing analyst throughout his time as Head of Asian Banks Research at ANB Amro, Head of HK and China Research at Paribas Asia Equity, Head of Asian Research at Bear Stearns, Deputy Head of HK & China James Capel (HSBC), and a Senior Analyst at SBCI Asia ( Swiss Bank).

He has always been passionate about efficiency in research generation, and use of technology to automate key processes raising the productivity and rankings of the research teams he ran.

Nick Cranham

Senior Programmer

Nick is a long time Hong Kong resident and EFA’s longest serving team member. He has been a master in excel since the 1990s and now manages all engineering matters for EFA and EFADRIN.

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