The EFA Platform

The EFA Platform provides users with a market leading research database, workflow and publication solution, whose tools enable easy and rapid downstream consumption of underlying data and its potential monetisation.

Our database, analytics tools and API are the key unique ingredients that facilitate this. In addition, the EFA Administration suite includes self-configuration tools, that help user’s lower overall comparative ownership costs.

The EFA Platform operates in MS office with a simple to use tool bar providing access to all functionality. Users can log on from anywhere and analysts continue to model in MS excel and author in MS word.



Key components


The Power of the EFA Database

The power of the EFA Database, lies in its maths engine and the fact that all analyst model data items are fully computable as they have been properly defined. As a result, with our analytics tools users can easily define queries and create proprietary research content to place directly into report templates and make available for downstream consumption via API. You can also create extensive live valuation screens and interactive dashboards that update as new model data sets are published with new research reports. These can be used both internally by your own teams and externally by clients. The EFA Database and its analytics tools gives users the maximum opportunity to create, re-purpose and monetise research content and data.


Leverage your research data and its downstream consumption

Key platform

A quick and effective way to access your research data and deliver downstream for client consumption via websites, portals and mobile devices.


Commercially leverage and reuse research data and product.

Extensive & Easy-to-use

Over 25 different call options available with access to all the platform’s analytics

Smart Model Data Capture

Ensure the highest quality financial data

Validation Rules

Ensure your financial data is of the highest quality by prescribing and setting your own validation rules.

Smart & flexible templates

Our data capture templates are configured to your needs, comparable across models and easily evolved to meet your future changes.

Unique migration tools

If moving off legacy systems and data capture sheets, we have tools to automate the existing underlying model linkages, so analysts do not have to repeat the process.

Analytics Tools

Benefit from the industry leading server side analytics

Custom content

Analyse data for trends and ideas on an individual or aggregated basis. Use filters to screen for stocks based on valuation and other metrics.

Downstream distribution

Use our API for easy downstream client consumption of all exhibits and analysis via websites, research portals and mobile devices.


Create interactive valuation dashboards for your research portal or website

Exhibition automation

Create and save exhibits in seconds for later re-use and auto-populate into reports.

Report Generation

Fast and flexible


Rapid, flexible corporate and sector report generation for investment research authoring

Formatting Tools

When inputting exhibits into your document not automatically generated by the database, remove formatting errors using our tools pre-configured for your house colours and styles.


If you need to change any of your numbers, use the refresh option to instantly update your document.

Data optionality

Work with either unpublished or published data

Workflow & Publication

Reduce your time to market

Fully Integrated

Benefit from a fully configurable workflow for analysts, editors and production with full compliance integration and disclosure generation.


Use compendium unctionality to streamline the creation of sector notes. Automate your dailies.


Publish and distribute into your CRM, to third party distributors and via our server API. PDF and RIMXL.

Audit trial

Full step by step audit trial is generated and stored for all published reports

Administration Suite

Be in control and lower your ownership costs

Single repository

Conveniently store all metadata, model, report design and exhibit definitions, validation rules, user and rights management

Scalability with flexibility

Quickly scale your coverage and research product output


Create watch lists and “relationships” for workflow integration and automatic generation of disclaimers and disclosures.

Self-Configuration Tools

Easily amend or create new word report templates and excel model data capture sheets.

Mobile Enabled Authoring

Be first to market

Be first to market

No need to leave the company meeting or results briefing to be first to clients with your view.

Simple submission

Draft narrative through a simple mobile interface and submit into workflow for immediate approval and publication.

Server-side content generation

Full note generated in seconds, containing your new narrative, last published data and all other normal front page content, subsequent pages, charts and exhibits.

Quick Implementation

Minimal configuration

Straight forward configuration

Consisting primarily of your prescribed metadata, industry model sheets and document report designs, configuration and implementation is straight forward and facilitated using our administrative suite and tool set


To ensure our customers enjoy the full benefit of our software we provide one-on-one and team training during implementation and on-going support.

Hosting flexibility

We can host both in the cloud and on premise.